Backed by Industry Experts
We are passionate industry experts who have long struggled to collect financial data from banks. We love our business and want to bring the financial analysis of counterparties to a new technological level. Our mission is to make financial analytics user-friendly and visualized.

That's how SmartAn was born.
What is SmartAn?
SmartAn stands for Smart Analytics. It's a credit risk management platform for B2B that collects private data from accounting systems, checks data quality, provides analytics and consolidates financial statements in a single data model.
    Who can use SmartAn?
    SmartAn can be used by any company who wants to check its counterparties and get analytics and financial statements in no time.
    Why choose SmartAn?
    SmartAn was created by people who worked in credit-risks themselves and have a proper understanding of how credit-risks function.

    One of our benefits is that we not only collect data as our competitors do, but our system analyzes the data and transforms it into a suitable form and dashboards (Data Quality). It's a unique feature created by our team, in 2022 we got a patent for this development.
      How to get SmartAn?
      We have White label & Cloud solution or stand-alone installation for our clients. Whatever suits your business most, you can choose. To know more or try the product, fill out a form on the website or write directly to
      How long would it take to install and adjust SmartAn?
      Less than a day.

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