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SmartAn Pitches Its Data Platform at Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day

SmartAn presented its credit risk management platform for B2B at Alchemist Accelerator’s Demo Day in May. SmartAn's technology solves the key issue in corporate credit risk on proper private data collection.

SmartAn was founded with the intention of fundamentally changing how financial and accounting data is collected and analyzed within the banking industry. We can analyze data of your customers and your business clients in real-time, SmartAn's CEO Maria Mikhailenko explains, and reconcile the correctness of that data and give you an estimate of how true the data are so you can make an informed decision. SmartAn's technology helps banks save time and money, which is extremely important in hard economic times like this.

“This team experienced the pain that they are solving,” Ravi Belani of Alchemist Accelerator explains, “they are solving the fundamental problem in financial services on how to trust the data in financial reporting.”