Error get alias
Use Case:
For Credit Department
Our Client:
The "Bank" - Top40 in Eastern Europe, +30 thousand corporate clients from different economic sectors (consumer goods, metals, machine-building, automobile, oil, energy, food and processing industries, etc.).
  • The client sends documents in an unreadable format and (or) with errors;
  • 1600 hours a year: spends credit analyst on processing a single set of documents;
  • 960 hours a year: spends credit manager
Getting corporate clients' documents through the SmartAn platform, suitable with the bank's accounting application. The data was provided in the format required for the bank.
  • 75% of test clients found working with the platform convenient and continue to transfer documents through it;
  • From 90 minutes to 5 minutes reduced the time of downloading documents;
  • The improved customer- experience of the corporate department.